Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Room with a view of HELL"

Tales from the Shift. Though I enjoy regaling you with stories of the folly of my workplace, I feel it is somewhat overdone. Then of course, I discover I don't really have anywhere else to talk about, and end up doing it anyway. Like right now!

Housekeeping is the bane of my existance. Yes. It is a large black dragon that sucks the life out of me and incinerates me with a belch just before laughing and growling into the ash-filled sky. Yes I know. You don't get the reference, but thats ok. The point is - It is the bane of my existance.

So of course, I agree to do it every sunday and monday until a 'replacement' is 'found'. Which naturally means that they would have to be 'looking' for 'someone' to take the job. And of course none of the current housekeepers are really 'qualified' to 'handle' such a 'delicate' position.

Translation: "Hey Jess, We are FAR too cheap and FAR too lazy to actually LOOK for someone - so that means YOU are stuck with it until someone MIRACULOUSLY comes along."


This, usually, would be fine. Better pay, wonky hours, whatever. However, that is not the case. The extenuating circumstances - namely the troll in residence's horrific mood swings and personal sh*t invading the workspace, as well as the sincerely NOT dependable task force of the housekeeping staff itself - AS WELL AS the ever-obnoxious, repetetive, name-changing, slow minded houseman that does things JUST to annoy you - Make it a job that is seriously 100% NOT worth the stress.

I can see why the last girl had a nervous breakdown and started crying in the housekeeping office. It is, in fact, rediculous. I, myself have been throwing my application around like candy to anyone who will take it from me - and leaving it stuffed in mailboxes for those who won't. You know what I think it is? And I didn't think about this until a friend of mine pointed it out.... but maybe I am overqualified. And perhaps my previous paychecks are not within most employer's price ranges? I personally think it's the economy and the state of it ... (i.e. crap) ... but naturally, in those stressed-out, high-strung, eye-twitching moments, I can't help thinking that this sh*t hole is the only place that will take me.

Which, if you worked here, would depress you even more. I apologize.

WHich brings me to the rant of the day: (which will not be expanded upon further then the next sentence, at least on here)

WHY does every single freakin HOUSEKEEPER have some sort of injury they don't realize they have until either a: They're already 20 minutes late, b: they've only done 2 out of f*ck-knows-how-many rooms or c: their friend has a day off mysteriously when their shoulder craps out?



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