Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Funny Story

SO, funny story via HGI.

I was doing housekeeping (like I do) and I get called into the office to listen to a 'really upsetting' message. And as we both listen in (myself in curiosity, my manager in complete outrage,) I hear a Mr. 'M' regale us with the tale of his stay.

He claims everything seemed all right. He was satisfied with everything until he discovered that the mirror in his bathroom HAD NOT BEEN CLEANED! *gasp* It LOOKED clean, there were no SPOTS to notice, however, when he left the relative safety of his steaming hot morning shower, he was aghast to find that there were, in fact, traces of filth.

Do you want to know how he knew? I'll tell you.

As he stepped out of the shower and into the steamed up room, the condensation on the mirror made way for something that had been written by a previous temporary resident of the room. It read...

"I am watching you."

And as My manager looks at me with the face that says, 'That is the worst possibel thing I can think of THIS DAY, and you better come up with something to make it right'... I do my damndest to suck back th elaughter that wants to peal forth from my lips, and I tuck back the edges of my mouth so they don't form a goofy grin.

Because honestly - THATS just funny.


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  1. Oh. My. God. That. Is. Hilarious!

    Seriously, from now on, whenever I stay at a hotel I'm TOTALLY going to do that!!!! hahahahahahah