Saturday, September 4, 2010


How do you measure Karma? How much is given before shit is taken away, exactly? Do I have to start walking old ladies across the street? Reading to orphans (Which would be fun, ad mittedly) or donating my lifesavings (which isn't much) to charities? Or am I at the point that only donating a kidney to a complete stranger will get me out of this miserable hole? Because I like my kidneys. Both of them. They're mine.

I consider myself a mildly selfish person. Granted, I don't steal and I don't cut in line, but I have been known to tell some white lies, and I have been known to do on occasion what is best for me. I like to laugh and I like to have a good time, and yes, I do make fun of random strangers on occasion too. I am not 100% a good person. Then again, no one is, are they?

Now I'm trying to figure out what exactly I did to piss off the cosmic Gods of "HATEYOURLIFE" in order for me to have aquired a bug problem from the rodents that share the eaves of my attic space appartment. Or not even - if they were bugs that DIDN'T share a sleeping space with me I would not be quite as put out. In fact, If they didn't CONSUME MY BLOOD in my SLEEP leaving red welts up and down my arms, neck, and back, oh and my legs and belly, I wouldn't be half as frustrated with my life.

And thats just it - OTHER then that, I'm doin' grand! It's great! Sure I can't spend any much money on fun times because I have to save in order to dig myself out of a financial hole but OTHERWISE I have a man I love, an adorable appartment, a working vehicle and a steady job. So WHY is THIS crashing around my head now?

So back to my original question - Whose ASS do I have to kiss to get a bit of leverage around here?


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