Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Letter to the Dead

Dearest Lum,

Over these past few weeks I have had lots of time to think. Firstly, I've been getting lost here in this great city without you to guide me unerringly home. secondly, it is so much quieter in our quarters without you there. Sometimes I imagine your harp strumming in the other room as I turn out my paints and draw...

I had so hoped that there was another way. I still feel like I overlooked something, as if I once again looked past something important and did not understand it until it was far too late... I wish I was as strong as you, Lum. I feel like parts of me are crumbling into dust as I think of you and what you did to save us all...

I promise you that I will fnd a way to save you, Lum. I will find you in the nothing and I will be with you if I cannot free you from that place and put you among the angels as you deserve.

I love you Lum.


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