Monday, April 9, 2012

Weather the Storm

There are times in everyone's lives where it feels like the oppressive forces of nature are bearing down on you. It feels like the air is thicker, and heavy, and that the gray skies are gray simply because you wish they were not. Your wallet feels lighter and your bills seem thicker and angrier, and your car makes more noises or your food looses its flavor. When all these things dogpile in front of you and yet you realize that you have to charge right through it, I like to call moments like that 'weathering the storm.'

The Storm is every part of your life that isn't quite as you imagined it would be when you were a kid. It is every facet of you that you wish you could change, or just get rid of but are stuck with. It is every circumstance that is less then ideal or just plain catastrophe. It is every person you love but cannot tell, or who loves someone else, or hates your guts. It is everyone you hate who won't leave you alone, who are being obnoxious or rude, it it everyone who cuts you off in traffic, goes ahead of you in line, takes the last donut, drinks the last bit of coffee, or leaves their dishes around. It is everyone you wish you could be, everything you have been, every moent of glory taken and lost.

And yet - What is on the other side?

This is why we keep going. Because we have love as armor and grim determination as our shield. Because we have our wits and our savvy as our swords and Good friends as our plucky side-kicks.

So weather the storm. Do it. I dare you.


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