Saturday, September 22, 2012



First things first - Who wants a cat?

Allow me to explain. My Land Lady has forbidden pets of any kind. And I mean, of any kind. I am not allowed to have cats or dogs of any size - nor am I allowed to have rodents, reptiles, fish, snails, hampsters, birds or amphibians. Nada.

I can respect her wishes.

However, one evening as my love and I were out inhaling poisonous smoke, this delightful little creature spotted us from across the street. We sat on the steps and watchedas it quickly crossed the two lanes of very possible immediate death, and trotted up to our stoop. My Love, lacking the same alergies that I do, immediately investigated this creature, attempting to assess if it was friendly. He reached ouit a hand, maybe two or three inches hovering over the little thing's head, and without warning or reservation, the darling firmly 'bonked' her head into his palm.

Naturally, we were delighted with this antic. I abandoned my concerns with sniffling, sneezing and itching, and proceeded to test the limitations of the 'bonking' phenomenon. Five inches above her head - she 'bonked' it. Three inches to the left, and yes, it was 'bonked'. A foot above her, and she picked herself up and did the cute little hobble-walk 'bonk'. She took an immediate shine to us, and us to her, and when we were done clowning around, she trotted off, and we went back inside.

Now she visits us almost every night.

I think my heart is breaking. Her coat is clean, she has no bugs, and she's one of the loviest, sweetest little kitties I have ever met.

So firstly - Who wants a cat?


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