Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday. Sunday, Sunday!

It is a lovely day outside in the Shires of Vermont. The sun is shining, and a cool breeze frequents the air. The girls are in high spirits and their carts are decorated with ribbons, flowers and feather boas. Fresh baked cookies were quickly consumed, along with the chilled pitcher of  milk to accompany them!

International Housekeeping Week has officially begun! This year it's even easier because we only have 6 housekeeping staff members to really worry about! w00t!

...At least for this week it's a good think. By next Sunday I'm sure those sentiments will turn into woes and pain. Short staffed is never a fun time of year. So I hope that presenting gifts, food, and decoration will help lift the moods of everyone during this stressful time.

How is everyone elses September starting out? Good? Bad? ... Ugly?


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