Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just Around the Corner

So the June Version of NaNoWriMo didn't seem to work out for me. Yeah, it was crazy at work, extra hours, surprise visits, inspections, etc... but I got pretty close! 41,000 isn't too bad for a half-assed attempt, right?

In any case, Now I'm trying to prep for November - the True NaNoWriMo! I want to finish up my last one at least to a point where I could arguably call my November project a sequal. That way I can have a vague train of thought. It seemed to work out for me last year, so what the hey!

So NOW I am going to prep all of you people out there - I've given plenty of notice. I've prefaced enough.

Who is going to join me in NOVEMBER for NaNoWriMo!?

C'mon, don't chicken out! Be strong! Buckle down! Harden that backbone! Be Literally Insane with me in November!



1 comment:

  1. Try to write a sentence each day. Those words add up. Let's see about November camp.