Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Full Moon

Tonight is a full moon, ladies and gentlemen.

What does that entail? Who knows.

Maybe it is a sign of ill luck to come, a furthering into the hole we're in. The continuous burrowing of panic-stricken limbs. The hurried burying of a body. The burning of evidence, the dusting of grave dirt off of your shoes and knees.... Or maybe its the clawing, clawing, clawing at the basement door, tugging, pulling, straining at the handle, kicking screaming for help kind of full moon. A terror, a panic, a painful lurch, a sudden drop.

Maybe its a good omen. Maybe it is the sign of magic, as if things usually unseen will come out. But that never happens. So, moving on.

Maybe its the kind of full moon that inspires. Its round, shining countenance will lance into the hearts of men, stirring their blood towards ambition! The things left undone will be picked up and completed! Maybe you'll call them back. Maybe you'll finish that project. Maybe you'll keep at it, keep at it, keep at it until finally, to the relief of all, you succeed. Maybe you'll get up off of your ass and fucking do something with your life. Maybe you'll stop feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe you'll wake up. Maybe someday all your dreams will come true.

But that never happens either. So, moving on.

Maybe it's just another phenomenon of nature. Maybe its just a moon. Just a big, round moon in the sky.

Man has killed all mystery in this world. So now, its just a giant rock in the sky.

Isn't science fun?


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