Saturday, October 1, 2016

SO Very Sad

I remember when I was a kid, I would watch all sorts of movies and I would sigh with longing at their stunning plot-lines and romances and all the adventures and happy endings.  Sometimes, if it was really good, I would cry a little, wanting so badly to grow up so I could have an exciting and adventurous life. I couldn't wait. I knew wonderful things were in store for me.

When I was a teenager and a college kid, I would smile at them wistfully, be inspired by the characters and the villains. I would start to see hints and flavors of these stories in my own life. I would cry less frequently. I would see them as lessons or even sources. I would try to translate the aspect of them into my writing. That sort of thing.

Now I just watch them and everything sucks because I'm 31 and everything is really lame in the world. This world is such a royal shit hole that I can't even really see silver linings or positive sides anymore. It's all mired in a population that doesn't know what it wants and that hates everything.

So now when I see movies I like they only make me sad. Because I know they're just pretend. And life is never that good, is it?

Never is.

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