Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Poem.

Nothing is bright anymore.
The sun shines dim in the sky
The opportunity that knocks only scrapes there
like the bony hands of barren trees.
A shining shimmer that gleams in my eye
is more the pallor of a shark's
the dead black, hunter black, monster.

Nothing is bright anymore.
Imagined blossoms in the heart
The vivid feelings once exploding
Now subdued to uneventful embers.
They give no light, barely warm me, and glow in mockery.
No matter how I poke at them, they shiver and die
And sometimes I wish they would.

Nothing is bright anymore.
There is only a layer of gray here
No dance could call me back, if I danced.
No fairy tale ending, no carriage and prince
No glorious sunset calls to me there.
I rule in a kingdom of only gray.
And all my dreams; my willing slaves & subjects.

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