Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pros and Cons

An exercise done by many people who desire a change in lifestyle, employment, diet, etc...

I would like to do the Pros and Cons of something, but I am unsure as to what facet would be the least upsetting. And since everything relating to my REAL life could be offensive and unacceptable, I think it would be safe to do a quick Pros and Cons of my dreams. {Aspirations, true sleep deprived imaginings, hopes, etc...}

PRO - Sleeping deeply enough so that you dream allows me to experience an adventure that otherwise would never have happened.

CON - It makes me want to sleep all the time, and if I sleep longer then my body tells me too, I tend to develop headaches, achey muscles, etc...

PRO - One dream I ave is of flying. IF I could fly, I would never worry about gas, car repairs, or car insurance!

CON - The weather would be a bit tricky, and It gets colder the higher you go, of course, so I woul dhave to invest on layering my clothing.

PRO - BUT I would be able to fly. 'Nuff said.

CON - Unfortunately, none of my greater aspirations in life have come true yet.

PRO - BUT that only teaches me to keep going, and eventually SOMETHING has to happen, right?

CON - It is mildly discouraging, which induces certain amounts of depression.

PRO - BUT That depression can be driven out easily with the clever usage of exercising the skill I would so like to be made known to the world, Socializing with friends, holding a loved one close, etc...

CON - So in order to help me along the path of my aspirations, I have started another job, which as I have never done such before this point, I am a little anxious as to how it will effect my stress tolerance levels. (STLs)

PRO - BUT I will be earning so much more money at this point, and I will be able to pay off things that otherwise stress me out.

CON - Oh yeah, those loans kinda bring me down too, so there goes my paycheck.

PRO - But this extra job isn't very stressful AT ALL, and the people are ALL nice there.

CON - But gas expenditures?

PRO - Dwarfed by the fact I ALREADY drive around a lot!

CON - So... what are we speaking about again? Bad things? How about the fact that you haven't gotten published, nor have you every actually FINISHED a story?

PRO - Untrue! I finished two plays, thank you very much!

CON - BUT you haven't gotten either one of them produced.

PRO - BUT I did receive the OK for a 300$ Grant in order to have my play performed at MCLA.

CON - BUt you didn't have the time in your schedule to do it.

PRO - The point is, things can only go up from here.

CON - Er, but I could totally --

PRO - Shush. You're done.


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