Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Circular Fury

What is the purpose of a mouth?

Very simply, it is an orifice out of which we, as humans, consume nutrients to keep our bodies going. Through our mouths, we can also experience the divine gift of FLAVOR. We can even pick out the many different subtle hints of seasoning in many given dishes. Even wine. Hints of lavender or oak, smokey or bold. We have evolved whole lifestyles around eating. Which began as just surviving off of roots and berries. (Until one lucky caveman found the strawberry. Yum.)

Another use for the mouth is communication. We can formulate complex thoughts and ideas into strings of sentences and call it a conversation. We can bargain, plead, manipulate, coo, soothe, bait, snap, spit, woo, inspire, and infuriate with the clever use of words. Words that we as a species came up with just so we wouldn't have to grunt and play charades every time one of us saw a predator approaching full speed. (Or, to keep records of our history, like the actual history books say. But I like mine better.)

But another use of the mouth? To impassion. To breathe fire into others by the gift of a kiss. I won't delve into it, you all know what I mean, and it is a brilliant, many-wondered thing.

But what use of the mouth would lead me to title this relatively plain entry as "Circular Fury?" The use of the mouth known as 'Gossip'. This is otherwise known as a mental poison. A disentigration of higher forms of communication into base hear-say. The perversions of truth. The disarming of a friend through a few misplaced words and betraying of trust through the use of the mouth.

No one knows the true hurt behind it until it has been tossed lightly into their own ears. What did they say? But I never knew! And he knows too? But I didn't tell them a thing! I only told this person! This person TOLD that person? But I thought - But we were - How could he? How could she? Don't they know me at all? And now they - And he hasn't -

And the lament goes on. and the poison spreads. And unfortunately - I've dealt with it before.

Careful, flapping mouths. You can be heard father then you know.


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