Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That Drowsy Feeling

Sometimes I can't help spacing out. Especially if I seem to be perched in a comfortable leather armchair, in a private little office, with a belly full of Wendy's.

And of course, the more I try to snap out of it and focus, the more I end up struggling against the steadily increasing weight on my eyeballs. And like now - everything seems to be meandering in a crowd, bumping lazily into each other and then slowly recoiling in a delayed reaction of appology. I vaguely come across the thought that I should take the time to update much more then I do. I also come across the thought that perhaps I chould think about getting an oil change. Or writing a poem. Or even taking a nap.

But like facepaint in the rain, it all just kind of.... melts together. A menagerie of random color pairings and frowns where smiles used to be. (How eerie.)

So no more from me just now. I fear my ramblings are becoming just like my thoughts - unclear and drowsy.


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