Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In my area of residence, we just experienced a flood of warmer spring weather. The past weekend was a dream of 60 -70 degrees and bright sunlight. One could walk around without the use of their cumbersome winter coats, and perhaps without even long sleeves. In fact, I saw people sporting flip-flops and shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. Myself? I was able to roll up my work sleeves and throw my jacket in the car. I changed my shoes and slacks into jeans and sneakers.

And not only that - but I found my own place. 'A room of ones own.' I have a space, shared with one I love to share with. Ours, mine and theirs irrevocably. A slice of a private heaven. An oasis in my life truly. The size and shape? Unique. The value? Minimal, manageable... all inclusive. The synapsis? Perfect. My little hole. My sliver of widening sunlight, blasting through an otherwise hazy shroud.



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