Friday, July 2, 2010

Best Love Ever

So Yesterday was rough for me. I had work ('nuff said) and then I had to run over to my OTHER job before I ran back to the appartment, got a bottle of wine, then ran down to Garrison to see a (great) play at Boscobel. (Shakespeare, Naturally.) THEN Of course, after that, hope that I made it hope in enough time to have enough energy to hang out for a bit before I was required by my biological clock to crash and burn until this morning.

Well, the break between that day of here and there was of course, the running home bit. So, I did so, and when I pull in, I realize that there's a whole lot of garbage outside. Interesting. And in OUR garbage can as well. Double interesting. And as I get out of my car, my Love approaches, grinning fiendishly. He finishes up a conversation on the phone and then gives me a hug, then starts to lead me upstairs, saying, "You're going to hate me, I know you're going to hate me."

I get suspiscious, of course, at first. But then I go with it. And when i turn the corner to see our living space - I see that the man had cleaned everything. Threw out all the trash, reorganized the bookshelves (In our bizarre way of 'reorganizing') and cleared the floor od all debris!

My Love got much praise. And then I left and then I came back and was locked out of the appartment because my love is forgetful and fancies himself a catburglar. (It's fun to puzzle it out, ladies and gents.)

Our key last night consisted of a crowbar, a garden spade and a cutco mini-carver.

In any case, My love has taken upon himself to fix and/or replace the lock for us this morning before work!

He will NEVER forget his keys again. Ever.
Our door closes and opens without getting stuck now. I think it had something to do with the levering process via crowbar.
I like shiny things

Best Love Ever.


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  1. Gotta love that CutCo!!! :) He's a pretty swell guy!! :)