Saturday, July 17, 2010


Prepare for a bit of rambling.

When I suffer from a lack of sleep, I tend to let my mind wander where it shouldn't supposed to. I'm usually there to hold it's hand. But like a negligent parent - in mysleep deprived stupor, I don'teven think about where it is.

Until It stumbles and falls down the stairs - or wanders outside. This is where the bizarre analogy ends though. Because when my mind falls down the metaphorical set of stairs, I kind of just watch it. Like I'm in a drug induced coma. (Ok, that part could be compared to a REALLY negligent parent.) I wait in terror for it to hit the bottom and stop moving. Wondering if it will, in fact, die. Or in the case of my mind anyway - Maybe surrender. Give in. Like a car crash. They say if you remain totally relaxed, you suffer less damage. Or something.

But the falling itself? Fallingis always fun. It'sthe landing people don't like. Which I tend to agree with in physical terms. But mentally? I think landing provides closure, don't you?

But I digress. And if the childof my mind were to wander outside - UNLIKE the negligent parent scenario, it's reallymore of an awestruck fascination. I wonder where it will meander to - and sometimes It could sit for hours staring at one brilliant thought, one glimmering hope, or one shining idea. And those moments are the verty best part about being sleep deprived.

The end.


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