Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To My Dear Followers,

Not many of you read my blog, I understand. However, to those that do - let's take a moment to wish one of my greatest followers (The one, the only, the currently damaged but healing Flisser) A speedy, mostly painless, and drug induced recovery!

This is a lesson.

And I hate it that it takes a friend eating handlebars to wake us up, here. You see, a good portion of the time I find myself doing the "Well if they want to hang out, they'll call me," thing. Neglecting the fact that I want to see these people, I find ways to content myself in thinking that they will talk to me when they want to hang out.

The lesson here? CALL PEOPLE. I'm going to do my best to return the favors of people calling me, and checkin in on me, and just showing a general interest.... Because what If I miss something else? What if things hadn't turned out as ok, and I didn't even know about it? I would have missed it because of my OWN neglect, not because they didn't feel like calling me. Just like this event with Fliss.

We are so sorry we weren't there sooner, Fliss. And I know you told us that 'it was cool' but I still wish we'd been there. And I know my love feels the same way. You're damn right we'll be harrassing the shit out of you for hang-out time, just you wait :)

So please accept this as a formal apology for being distant and unreachable at times. Yes, we do care, very much, and we want to hang out, and we have no excuse. This is my vow to return phone calls.

So in any case...

Love you


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