Saturday, November 13, 2010


What are the top five things people complain about? Lists of Grievances are as old as time and as ever: ignored. Mostly. So, what is it that hets under most everyone's skin? I've compiled a list of things that people usually fuss about and my own personal suggestions for taking deep breaths and looking past them. Granted, I'm sure the last two are more my personal gripes, but whatever, hehe.

1.) Money
Regardless of how much you have, or where you get it from, it never seems to be enough. (For the average JOE that is.) You can work until your back breaks, but you'll STILL have to pay off your loans, insurance, bills, etc... And for those of us truly blessed enough to have FAR less then what you need to keep yourself above the surface, it becomes not only a pet peeve, but a problem.
Something that I take comfort in is that It could always be worse. I know. Optimistic, right? But think of it this way while you're climbing the corporate ladder - you have your health, your friends and family to spot you, so try not to get too crazy. Besides - you can't buy everything.

2.) Your Job.
On the same vein, the thought that you are obligated to work in a place you hate soley for the reason that you NEED the paycheck because of Gripe number 1 is amazingly annoying. The idea that someone younger, or less qualified, or less intelligent, or cruel, or just plain dumb is your boss? Thats just infuriating. Especially if it's not particularly demanding and you're bored out of your mind. Or it's TOO demanding and you have no energy to do the things you like afterwards.
Something I like to do to help myself out? Adjust as many personal thingsa as you are allowed to do. Change the desktop background on the computer to a picture you like. If you have to wear a uniform, try making adjustments: different colored socks, bracelets, earrings, pins, fun ties, anything. OR just simply make the best of it. Enjoy the customers if you can, be pleasant, because believe it or not, if YOU are pleasant, the chances of OTHER people being pleasant to you increases dramatically!

3.) Your Health.
By this I mean allergies, sleep patterns, things like that. I imagine it's absolutely wretched to have those seasonal allergies where everything on your face gets puffy and gross, or you have runny sneezy nose, or tearing - it's not attractive, you feel gross, etc...
Distraction from this? Invest in benadryl! Or, try to at least put your condition to good use - it makes a legitimate excuse to avoid people you don't like in social situations, get out of work, or be spoiled by your significant other! It will at leqst make it bearable!

4.) Bad Drivers.
Chief complaint! I do it all the time. The best advice? Think about the delightful Karma that they will receive later on for cutting you off in traffic! Huzzah!

5.) Really Lame Movies.
There is nothing quite as dissapointing as paying 10 dollars to see a movie whose previews looked AMAZING, only to be staring in disbelief at the end of the film, realizing it was a waste of time. Plot? what plot? Script? Who wrote THAt mess? Acting? WHAT acting!!?!?
When confronted with this kind of Cinematic let-down, I simply sigh, sit back, and laugh. Because, how delightful is it that those poeple put so much money into their project and then get barely enough in profits back to make ends meet? I feel that it allows them to look back and reflect on the crap of the film and learn their lesson.

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  1. Pretty much spot on, except for number 5. I agree that really lame movies are disappointing, but its often the lamest movies that make the most money.