Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seasonal Blues

We all know that there are things about this upcoming season that have the potential to bring us down. Debt, family problems, employment (or lack thereof for some) the idea of not being about to buy gifts for the ones you love....

Unfortunately, in these dark times, the list can go on FOR MILES, all depending on the individual contributing to the pile. what I will attempt to do in THIS post, is come up with as many positive things as I can. Of course, you may not share my enthusiasm about some things, but give it a shot and add some things to my list. i DARE you. Comment on what YOU like. Do it. Double DOG dare you.

1.) The Decorations. Maybe it's just me, but a house seems to maintain even more warmth in it when christmas lights are gleaming gently in the snow, and a tree is glowing in the window. Homey touches like wreaths or garlands are a simple idea - but can transform a room into a cozy little den.

2.) Positive Karma. Maybe it's just me (you'll hear a lot of that) but the idea of doing good to others, especially in this time of year where people ARE feeling morose and lonely, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ESPECIALLY if they deserve it. And hey - do unto others as yu would have them do unto you, right? Right.

3.) Snow. Yeah I know some of you ABSOLUTELY HATE IT... but think of it this way. While you are warm, huddled under blankets and watching a movie or drinking coffee or coacoa... you can't tell me that gently falling snow, covering the earth outside your window ISN'T pretty? And I like pretty.

4.) Snowball fights. Who doesn't like pelting each other with harmless (mostly) balls of white fluff, running around all stuffed with scarves and layers, falling over your booted feet, and laughing as you are bombarded with dozens of snowballs!?! You can't even DISGUISE that kind of fun! AND who wouldn't want the chance to pelt someone ELSE with a snowball?

5.) Snow statues. I say snow statues because a good portion of the time I find myself making snow DRAGONS. I've heard other people do this, so I don't feel quite as bizarre. But if you're an artist - you've just made a completely unique piece that is fleeting and beautiful. No one will ever see it again, which makes it all the more lovely. Then again, if you're just having fun, and it turns out all poopy, then it'll melt in a few days and be out of your sight.

6.) Hot beverages, roaring fires and fluffy blankets. Nuff said.

7.) Snow days. To those who still get them, RELISH THEM.

8.) BAKED GOODS. There are so many of them, in such great quantities, one cannot look and find a place without chocolate chip, oatmeal, funny shaped sugar cookies, spice cookies, lemon bars, macaroons, rum balls, pecan clusters, apple pie, pumpkin pie, all those other delicious, fresh, hot pies, delectibles from every side of the spectrum!!! *sigh*

9.) Sales! For those more practical - the holiday sales. Price cuts for gift giving season. Whats not to like? May as well get some groery shopping done while you're at it, eh? :)

10.) Staying in Touch. Sure it's silly that you only talk to this person or that person once a year - and it's inside the fold of a cheesy Christmas card.. but it's the thought that counts, and if they didn't care just a little, why waste the 44 cents? Why bother even sending one at all? It's just nice to get them sometimes, ESPECIALLY when you feel alone and lonely this holiday season.

I think 10 is a nice round number. What can YOU come up with?

And a greater challenge yet? What can YOU do to help someone elses Holiday be EVEN better? Think about it. What harm can it do?



  1. I'll go with a top 5:

    1. Friends & Family
    2. Snow
    3. Food
    4. Decorations & Music & Smells
    5. All the good vibes going around.

  2. Going along with your loving when it snows while you're snuggling inside... I LOVE LOVE LOVE going for a walk in the middle of the night when it's snowing. It's so quiet and peaceful. It's like when it begins to snow, everything else just stops and is caught in awe and wonder of it. I love that. I also love waking up on Christmas morning and finding a fresh blanket of snow. That makes me happy. Also, listening to the John Denver and the Muppets "A Christmas Together" album while decorating the tree. Picking out a fresh tree and the way the whole house/apartment smells of fresh pine. :)

  3. :) Much love for you both!