Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hello 2011, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a college graduate with a bucketload of debt and stress. Regardless of my efforts, no one seems to be hiring, and my current employers can't seem to pay me enough. I have my share of personal problems, issues and baggage, and I do tend to complain on occasion. I enjoy a good rant about how unfair life is, and how things would be so much better if people just cared. I worry far too much for someone my age, and conveniently hide it behind a facade of pleasantries.

However, I count myself among the lucky. Here is why:

I have been lucky enough to find love, and not only that, but wholehearted and requited love. I am lucky enough to have reignited a passion for writing that had been lying comatose in 2010, which fills me with a sense of hope for my future. I am lucky enough to have parents who love me enough to worry ceaselessly about me, and a brother who is THE Big Brother. I am lucky enough to find encouragement and loyalty in my friends, and a good laugh when we are all together. I am lucky enough to appreciate the little things in my life, like good food, cheap bargains, a letter in the mail, and the 15 minute break I am using to write this entry. I am lucky enough to realize that i have unexercised talents that I can stretch and limber up for you, 2011.

But that is just the surface of me, 2011. I hope, throughout your existance we can become friends. I hope that you will learn even more about my quirkiness and my slightly bizarre mind set. I hope that you can bring people together and if needs be push them apart. I hope that you and I can celebrate in your final days with happy tears in our eyes, raise a glass to our success, and send you out to sea on a flaming vessel with a bang.

Welcome to my life, 2011. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.


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