Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No - Return Policy

What would I do if my College Education had a Refund Policy?

I paid for room, board, and the Education. I imagine that there is no true way to 'return' the room a board, so that's fair... but what if I walked into the Dean's office, placed my Diploma on her desk and said, "Hey listen, I haven't used this since I left here, so I'm returning this and I would like a refund. You see, your education didn't do me a damn bit of good, so you cane take it back and stick it where the sun don't shine for all I care. I want my money back."


I imagine I would be escorted off the premesis by some security guards, and asked never to return... But think about it. How many financial aid institutions are making graduates' lives miserable today? How many jack up the interest rate, apply fines, and then demand we pay them back when we simply can't? How many don't help AT ALL when you call them to ask for it? What sense does it make, anyway, when they KNOW you cannot pay and yet add more fines? How is that going to help them get their money back? Who came up with this system!?

I think we should all band together and sue for Emotional Distress. Becasue some of us may actually go mental. Or better yet - sue them for denying our rights, namely: The Persuit of Happiness. You cannot eat if you have no money because you have to pay this bill because if you don't they will take your car which will mean you cannot get to work which means you cannot pay your bills, which means either way you don't eat, which means you are most definately not happy.

Follow me?



  1. I have a feeling that many graduates will follow you on this, especially if the job market continues the way it is....

  2. The trick is to keep taking out loans to get more and more degrees. If you go full time they can't collect on the old student loans until you're out of school. Then go back. Eventually this will catch up with you, but while all the other homeless people are sleeping wrapped in newspaper YOU will have a blanket of college degrees.