Monday, January 10, 2011

Sugar Coated

Allow me to clarify something.

I do not want to be here. At this point in my life. I have dissapointed myself due to the fact that I had imagined so many greater things for myself: a high paying job, a few publications, far more ambitious (although no less difficult) goals that 60,000 words in a month. Financially speaking, yes I am in a bit of a hole. I imagine that story would change depending on whom you spoke to. I have unwittingly garnered the distaste of my family because I chose to indulge in the time-honored phrase, "follow your heart." My body aches because of a cheap Walmart Futon we call a bed, and our delightful, harmless, playful lizard died because it is impossible to keep the appartment any single temperature.

A moment of silence for that delightful CHinese Water Dragon, please. Navvy will be missed.



Thank you.

This is where you should really start paying attention.

I have also come quite a long way from 'abstinence girl' and that quiet mousy girl in the corner who never spoke. I have developed my own opinions on things, I have spoken about them, and though I would not (by ANY stretch of the imagination) hold myself to a debate about them, I still believe them with a near fanatic fervor. I have my own place! I have rekindled the love and desire I once had for writing, determined to get someone out there in the wide world to like it and publish it! I have discovered the truth in friendship, and I have knowledge now of who those true friends are, and I cherish all of them, gems that they are.

I am very aware of myself and my likes and dislikes, I am happy to be alive, and I am in love.

SO tell me, what is possibly wrong with my life?


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