Friday, August 5, 2016

Principle of the Thing

Greetings my fellow awesome people!

Today is not so much of a rant as it is an informative public message.

I have relocated, officially, to the South. For the sake of my own privacy, I won't be specific, but it is quite hot and my neighbors are phenomenal.

Most of my belongings are accounted for, except a series of comics for some reason I cannot seem to find. (Must be in a random box in the closet. Damn.)

And I can see that three wonderful, awesome, supportive and delightful people have decided to purchase my fun (and regrettably somewhat overpriced) book to help support me in this big shift of lifestyles!

Now these people? They know how to help. They see that I have attempted to produce something that can actually go out and be purchased. I'm not asking for hand outs. Though I get a profit from every purchase, they in turn get a funny piece of modern literature with a lot of relevant and often hilarious topics addressed therein.

Not only that, but it was a group project, written with the aid of a few dozen wonderful people, who are all mentioned within and given due credit where credit was whole-heartedly due!

This isn't like the time I sold knives. OR Vacuums. This money goes directly to the publisher, cost of creation and to me. I am not involved in some bizarre writing pyramid scheme, and you won't get some random stranger trying to pitch it to you because 'my car broke down'.

This book is me. This book is pieces of me. It is important to me. Very much. And all I ask is that to those people who cannot get it, tell someone else about it so you can borrow it and read it. Pretend you are buying a set of grade-a knives, except that these literary knives will cut through the outer layers of the Oru and reveal the squishy, pained and elated Oru beneath. Search your heart and your wallet for $30 bucks and read my Journey. I think it's fun. The people who have it and read it think it's alright too.

Please. Join my Journey. Be a part of he Oru, and the Oru shall indeed love you forever and ever. :)

(Not that I don't already, you saucy minxes.)



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