Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Unfair Life

We were not supposed to live in a utopia.

Human nature, in itself, as it has become, would never allow for it. We are (generically speaking, as a majority rule,) so lost behind the screen of greed, materialism, pride, and other such vices, that not for one minute could most of the population actually enjoy a Utopia.

Who has it better? How can I get it better? How can I get more? What can I do to make myself better, come out ahead, compete, compete, compete... The inflation, she sheer climb in 'better-then-yous' in our effed up world makes me want to vomit.

We destroy basically everything we touch as a species because all we do is consume. I consume. You consume. We all just take and take, and no matter the few who try to give back, it will never repair the damage that has already been done. At this point, we on a dead rock floating through space, and I CANNOT WAIT for it to hurtle into an asteroid and put itself out of its misery.

God, we suck.

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