Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Ah, April 15th.

I wonder if you were remembered as anything GOOD in the past? Were you some sort of Pagan ritual? Maybe people danced around maypoles, or had banquets and clinked glasses in your honor. Who was born today? Were you host to geniuses and dullards alike? Fools and Knaves? Were you someone's anniversary? How many obituaries were published on your day?

Unfortunately, all of this seems slightly dwarfed by the absolute douche-baggery of Tax Day. The very last day to file your taxes. Without an extension under your belt, you have to post-date your return by NO LATER then 11:59pm! I wonder what goes through people's minds when they run their stuff to our office NOW. We'll have to file an extension, almost no doubt about it - but still they show up in droves with papers dated back in MARCH.


The futility of Humanity :p


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