Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Challenge

Happy Holidays everyone!

And now let me introduce the gift I am giving to myself: The Challenge.

Let me preface this with my recent trip to the bank. A lovely girl works there, her name is Aimee, and she is always sweet and kind and has a genuine smile for me when I come in to cash my checks. Offering me friendly suggestions and tips with her co-worker Diane, they led me to the cash-back option that I can use while spending money with my debit card (fun idea) and how state checks are cashed at her bank, and "what kind of change would you like?"

One day not too long ago, we struck up conversation, and the topic of NOMO came up. Perhaps the acronym is wrong, but I mean to accent National Novel Writing Month, November. She confided in me with pride in her eyes that she completed 57,000 words, and I gave her a giant grin and congratulations.

And so I told myself... If she can do it, while working full time 8-4 every weekday... Why can't I? Granted, November is done and over with, and I barely snuck out 1,000 words in my spare time, but whos to say that I can't do it any other time I like? For example... December?

So I decided to give myself a challenge. I set my chin, forced the self-pitying tears away from my eyes, and declared:

I will write 60,000 words by the end of December.

And I encourage you to join me on this adventure. I will try to post every day my word count and how I am doing. Perhaps even sneak in snippets of my work for your perusal.

Let the count begin:

23 days remain.

Word Count: 7,358



  1. Very exciting challenge. I think you can do it!

  2. Its NaNoWriMo. Good luck.

  3. :) Thanks for all your support!

    NaNoWriMo. Wow I was way off! tee hee.