Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Down to the Wire

I have about 28,000 words at this moment.

I will tirelessly type at work, go home and type some more. I will type my weasly black guts out until I can type no more. And then I shall wake up tomorrow morning, do my thing, and type some more until I pass out at the keyboard (as per usual.)

And then I shall go to work on Christmas eve-morning and type until noon, then go home and enjoy the season, with intermittent typing to progress. And then I shall work at 8am on christmas morning and then enjoy the festivities as soon as I can get the heck outta here, and type some more. And then I shall go to sleep happy and contended, do you know why?

Because no one and no thing is going to prevent me from having a happy holiday. Not any one's parents, not my empty bank account, and not whatever my word count is. I will work as hard as I can as often as I can, and some day Karma will catch up to me and do as it sees fit.

I will Get to 60,000 words, and give the New Year a great big Kiss - accompanied by a giant middle finger and say,

"Give me your best shot, life. I dare you."


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