Sunday, June 6, 2010


I feel like this weekend has been a conglamoration of the worlds most presumptuous, clueless people on the planet. The few people who are not those things that have checked in, are pleasant as pie, don't get me wrong... but these other people just darken the whole lobby with their absolute idiocy.

No, really.

Example number 1 of the decline of the human race: Discourteous behavior, impatience, and superiority complex.

A gentleman walks in with another gentleman. There are three rooms under one name. However, there are also three rooms under this same name, as well as three separate guests within the reservation. (Not a difficult concept.) These two men decide they want to check in early. Unfortunately, as stated everywhere there's fine print, we do not guarantee an early checkin. And they did not call ahead either, as anyone at the front would have suggested they do. Instead, they ask, we say "We're very sorry, but your rooms aren't ready yet."

And this one guy, this idiot in a baseball cap, just gives us the most blank, lost stare I've ever seen. And after a second, he just starts shaking his head, and his stare turns from blank to disbelief, to offended. "Listen, there are 6 rooms under that name. We need the one for Corey and Andrew, ok?"

"I'm sorry sir, those rooms aren't ready."
"How about the ones under Joel?"
"Sir, those are the same rooms."
"They better not be the same rooms, we were told that there were six rooms."
"Yes. We know. We have them all right here."
"Then what's the problem?"
"It's currently 12pm. Checkin isn't until 3, and I'm afraid, though we would normally accomodate you if we could, we cannot because your rooms are not ready yet."
"Well why not?"
"Well, sir, we were rather busy last night, and since checkout isn't until 12, there are still many rooms that need to be cleaned. Including yours."

And then the man just turned around and started to walk away. And my co-worker - GOD bless her spunky little heart - called out, "Can I help you with anything else, sir?"

And he turned, attitude right on his heels and said, "Is ther ea room ready?"

"NO sir."

"Then you can't do anything for me, can you?" And he turned again and walked out, leaving a trail of embarrassed family members in his wake.


Why are people so irrevocably Stupid?

Note to the general populace: Sitting there and bitching isn't going to get the room clean any sooner, the breakfast to stay open later, or the pool water to be warmer or colder. It's probably going to be detrimental to any of those effects just out of spite.

You've been warned.


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  1. I love this. I've been there. And it's so frustrating when you're answering someone's question and they're focusing on what they want you to say so hard that they just keep asking the same question over and over hoping that you'll change your mind! hhahaa