Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm in a strange mood.

Perhaps I should preface this entry with a disclaimor: I did not sleep particularly well last night. I would have been fine if it was JUST the lightning and Thunder. But it seemed to spook the racoons in our walls. So they had a party. Not to mention I am an irresponsible adult and stayed up until 2. (Which was partially an accident, and partially atributed to my short attention span when I am delerious.)

IN any case: I am in a strange mood.

For some reason I cannot stop humming. I have gone through Jekyll & Hyde, Phantom and the Opera, Oklahoma, Singin' in the Rain, The Pirate, Kismet, All the disney movies I've ever seen, the songs I heard on the radio on the way here, and now I'm in the process of humming absolute nonsence as it comes to me. I kind of like it though. Don't know why.

Maybe it helps to drown out the business here. I can momentarily dissapear into my own little world as I staple together a reciept, charge some breakfast onto a room, check someone out, or smile at another stranger as they walk by and out of my life forever. I hum about how my glasses need to be cleaned, how my car needs to be fixed, how little Navvy opens his mouth to bite and just stares at you instead. How the screensaver on the computer next to me keeps cycling through the same Hotel Propoganda , and how I miss going to poetry readings. I hum about waking up this morning and how torturous it was for my shaking limbs to assemble themselves and work again. Then I hum about when I look over and kiss my love's forehead before I go to work.

:) I feel like today is going to be a good day. I like that.


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