Saturday, June 12, 2010


I had convinced myself that I had posted an entry last week about going on a set of trips. Apparently, that was merely a moment of sleep-deprived delusion, and I appologize for my absence.

*Edit* I just now, AFTER I posted this up, SAW the post that was labeled "Trips" n the fourth. This is a note to Self: Obtain more sleep.*

In any case, it is raining, and I watch it all from behind the front desk at the hotel. I am thankful that my windows are closed, and that my appartment will be temperate as opposed to gnarly hot and gross. But I digress.

Last week I took a trip to Albany to pick up a very dear friend from a bus-depot. The ride up was.... only a mild disaster. I was about an hour late because of some defective *coughmapquestcough* directions, and was near dying from heat and wind-blown hair. Oru's air conditioning, if I haven't mentioned it before, does not work. At all. No wait, that is a lie, it works, it blows out air - only it's not conditioned air. So ok it only HALF works.


I get to the bus station, and I take a walk inside, avoiding the looks from the locals hanging around, and trying to look like I belong there and exhude this "don't mess with me" vibe. I go inside and look around, make sure this is the RIGHT bus depot, and then even check out the ladies room to see if she's there. I find no sign, and alas, her phone is close to death. So I spend a few minutes circling the place, scouring the parkinglot, and moving my car to another entrance before I meander back inside. At that instant, I get a call from my friend, releving to me that she was in fact hiding in the ladies room to avoid awkward conversation with a total stranger. (Understandable.)

After I collect her and we gather in my car and manage to find our way to route 87, we chat and chat and chat. And one of the things I realize I love about her is that she and I have an uncanny knack of picking up conversations and running with them. Most ANYTHING we can think of we can discuss, in an acceptable, thought-provolking conversation. And the best part? It doesn't HAVE to be serious talk, and I don't feel like I HAVE to make her laugh, or I HAVE to make her think I'm smart - she knows exactly what and who I am, and I need no charade.

It's like the friend version of my Love. Someone to be my unbiased devil's advocate, without feeling like they have to be nice or I'll be mad at them or soemthing. (Lets face it, we all do that to our significant others. And it's not -I repeat- NOT a bad thing. It merely proves how much we want each other happy. That is my theory.)

In any case, I drove a lot that day, I roleplayed with my favorite people in the world, and went to sleep.

A day well spent.

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