Friday, June 4, 2010


So My plan is this. My love expressed an interest in 'just going' somewhere. Picking a direction and heading in it. So I naturally took a few days off to accomodate for that during out one year anniversary. (I'm not usually one for keeping track of these things, but it seemed like a big deal.) What I plan to do is throw some of his clothes in a bag, abduct him and throw 'North', 'West', 'East' and 'South' into a hat and make him pick. So that trip? Not sure how it'll turn out, but I will be sure to stop slacking and put it up here for you to speculate on.

And today I have another trip. I am picking up my very bestest friend from a train station in Albany. (Or is it a bus depot? I forget.) In any case, I plan to head off straight from work, and pick her up and then moey on down back in this direction. It still waits to be discerned if I will be showing the appartment off to her, considering she needs to get to Woodstock at the end of the day - And I have to juggle picking my love up from work...

But I like being busy. Going on trips. It has been far too long since I just decided to do something BECAUSE I wanted to. Everything recently has been wearing a pricetags around their necks, and it's gotten so huge that I can't even SEE what it was I wanted to do past the cost. It's about time I found a way around it and enjoye whatever time I have left.

Wow that sounded ominous.

In any case - short trip today, Long trip Sunday. Or Monday. Has yet to be decided. And the verdicts (As well as any funny stories) will no doubt be related to you here!


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