Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Late Nights

The hotel is rife with that non-chalant sort of pleasantness. People coming in and out with their own brand of plastic smile. Not that the sentiment isn't received well - we like the manners well enough - but sometimes it's just a bit too fake.

It's a different face, different hair color and eye color, different body type, gender, fashion sense, shoe style, luggage brand, polo shirt, blue-tooth earpiece, touch phone and laptop - but the same smile.

The thing I hate most about it, is that on occasion I find myself doing the same thing. And in cases like that, I have to dissapear to the back room and try to think of something nice.

Most of the times, it's something like, "I'm going home in [x] hours!" or "My Love is waiting for me!" or "I can go play video games later!" Things of that nature usually spark up a real smile. But what gets me a majority of the time are those people that smile back at you for real. Those down-to-earth types that are just happy to be here, out of their houses on vaccation, or on a trip to see friends, or just get a nice room. I know I've said it before, but it does need re-iterating.

Be happy when you go to a hotel. It is contagious. And you've never had service liek that from a happy front desk person. I tell you - It will change your whole experience. And mine too.



  1. I work as a waitress, and I know this fake smile. I try to work in my genuine one, but once the feet and back start to ache, I can feel it plastered on my face, and I hate it.