Friday, June 18, 2010

Titter Titter!

I don't know why I'M nervous. I'M not the one getting married tomorrow. Sure, I have to do my little part, take some pictures, and be there of course, but WHY am I nervous? Geez, I suppose what they say about excitement being contagious must be true.

Who wants to get married in this crowd? Any takers? Any star-struck couples romancing about a big party and fancy clothes? I'll admit, the girlish side of me really wants to just take the time to go nuts with making my own stuff - favors, invitations, color coordinating... but the practical side of me just cringes at the pricetag. Eventually, whenever I get into one of those moods though, both sides tend to come to a healthy compromise.

Being crafty can be cheap, and cheap is good! So I can imagine different dresses, color schemes and cake flavors all I want, but It's never particularly serious. I feel like if I start getting really deep into that phase, it's time for a hefty conversation with myself, weighing out the options. Perhaps I'm just a pessimist today - but just look around. How many young couples do you see? Getting engaged and rushing into it, all passion and exhuberance? The United States has the highest divorce rate in the world, about 5 out of every 1000 people get divorced. Call me paranoid, but why would I want that extra pressure on my life?

On the other hand, however, I'd probably be thrilled. To get married, I mean. The concept of vowing yourself to another and visa versa has a romantic thrill to it that is undeniable. And I think if you can make it through that you can do anything. And I'd like to think of my current situation able to accomplish anything.

So in conclusion - I think Marriage is a divine concept, however, perhaps not for me. Which isn't a bad thing at all. :) I am AMAZINGLY excited for those who are married - will be getting married - or are even thinking of it. I admire their devotion, I truly do! So to those about to VOW, I salute you!!

Congrats Mandy!



  1. OR skip the expensive part, rush into marriage to get insurance and skirt around the army's rules and get a quicky court thing like i did! I, for one, dont take marriage all that seriously...if it works out--cool! If not, im not gonna be uber depressed about it....dont get me wrong, i love my husband, but if it werent for my extenuating circumstances we wouldnt have rushed our engagement...and then more circumstances rushed the wedding (i.e. pregnancy)..oh well, such is life.

  2. I used to think I wanted to be single and just date tons of guys, and honestly, just be a little bit of a slut. I figured I'd take my time and have fun and if marriage happened, cool, if not, at least I had a good time. Meeting the right guy changed that (and my feelings about one day being a parent too). Even certain people (ahem, certain ex's) who I thought I'd end up with didn't make me feel the way I do with Nick. So I guess deep down I knew somewhere where it was all going to end up.

    So moral of the story, whatever you value/want to do truly depends on who you're with at the time and your comfort level with the idea of a/your "future" with them whether you like to admit it or not. When you know, you just know.

  3. Like what young broke and married said, I think that you need to get out there and try out different things. I got lucky and found something that was totally different than what I was use to. And decided to go with it and so far (3 weeks in) nothing has changed and I like it like that. It's a comfort thing.

    Seriously, to me, I don't feel any different, other than I have twice the amount of paperwork to change my name. There were no "Sparks" or in our case Fairies, and everything was totally different, it's the same. We get up and go to work and come home and go to bed, just like before we got married.

    So whether or not you decide to marry is up to you. It's techn. paperwork and/or God's approval of finalization of your relationship. Understand, that it's way more expensive to break up once all is said and done.

    Also, do everything is WAY cheaper and it adds your own personal FLAIR to everything!

    Before I finish my once told me something that I feel is important. TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING: Don't hold back. Something happened that bugs you? Talk about it, Pet Peeves, talk about it. Don't hold anything in. Trust me, will make your relationship better and last longer.

    xoxo. Thank you! Loved having you in my wedding!

    PS: Your gift was awesome!! So cute!!!!

  4. I am SO GLAD you liked it :)