Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little Distracted...

I find myself breaking into a few rather distinct Facets recently. No, I am not having a break down, but I do feel as if I am beginning to break down, i.e. disentigrate into my baser components (As opposed to mental relapse, etc...)

I have been throwing around deadlines like it's My JOB... I have the zombie apocalypse side of me, who would like nothing more then wreak havok and kill undead-jerk-faces. I have the quasi-intelligent, mildly ambitious side of me who is looking out for places to showcase her new one act play. And there is the wildly romantic, flighty, and often scatterbrained side of me who is on-agan, off-again writing a bajillion words of fantasy/epic fiction.

So why not throw in another one?

I... well I was in Barnes and Noble, minding my ownbusiness, when I spotted the comic section. And whaddayaknow, right next to that was the HOW to MAKE a comic section, and twenty minutes later I had picked out two how-to-draw books, and was driving home with this giddy feeling in my chest and a stupid, goofy grin on my face. And you know what i did? I went home and tried to draw, and I drew for a while! And I came up with four pages of a comic!

:) Still deciding whether or not I will be posting those... a little less sure of my skills there, haha.




  1. "skill increases with practice and criticism, find what your not doing and change it"

    you should post, you have good drawing skills jess.

    love to see how yo comic turned out

  2. You should put them up. Practice makes perfect and it'll give you a reason to practice! Maybe every Sunday like the Sunday comics in the newspaper?

  3. I much agree. Post away. Have you SEEN the crap I put up here. In the great words of Nike. Just do it.