Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Goals

So now is when i admit to the world that I feel far more comfortable with my writing within the confines of a deadline.

I have not written much on that rather large piece I did in December SINCE December. I felt particularly guilty at that notion, and decided it would be healthier if I just set another flippin deadline for myself.

Not that I like doing projects or anything.*

In any case, I have thusly updated my Countdown side-board thing-a-majigger to expand upon the vague basis I have given you! Huzzah!

I am also thinking of recording episode 3 of the Daphne Zombie Journal this evening after I get out of work. Hmm. Decisions Decisions.


*Oru Is subconsciously trying to mirror College because if she's still PAYING for it, why the heck not!?*


  1. Do you want to do a vogue-esque interview with Ariel and Sara, entitled "How to Kick Zombie Butt and Look Good Doing it"? Complete with photos?

  2. OOoh! Now that sounds like fun!