Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have heard the phrase, "The Ebb and flow of Time." I think I actually used it once too, in something or other. I understood it to mean the constant, synchronized shifts that occur naturally through time. The progression of time. The slow, onward trudge of time.

But time, at least the increments of, have been manufactured by scientists to put limits on the insubstantial concept of 'time.' They move uniformly through space like invisible supervisors, numbly ticking off the checkmarks on their tidy little clip boards. It is unfeeling and pratical, and always goes by just as we thought it would.

I don't see time like that, though. Perhaps i'm not the only one to notice that when life is good - time is fast. Things are going by lightning fast, whirring in a happy little tornado around you. That is of course, until it stops. You see, when that torrent of happy time supervisors throws their clipboards to the wind and joins you - they loose track of time. So, In the process of picking up the loose, flapping papers, straightening their ties and trying to fill in all the checks they missed - it's only natural that they make some mistakes.

And of course, correcting anything is droll and time consuming. So instead of watching you have a crappy day, they turn their attention to whiting out the incorrect check marks, conversing and comparing observations they may have missed, and changing out of the shirt whose pen exploded in it's little time-supervisor pocket.

Which makes everything crawl by like years for you, because they have to re-align the universe. That sort of thing takes time. But eventually, time will level out again, and those supervisors will tuck in their shirts, and pack their papers and pull out a fresh pen, and everything with return to normal.


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