Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reality or Fiction?

Now I don't usually do this...

All right that's a lie. I have been known to get sucked into a book or a game because of the compelling storylines. What can I say? If the dialogue is good enough for me to spend hours of my life intently watching the screen, listening to countless side stories and back stories, waiting for my chance to respond in a fashion that I believe my character would in the given situation.... It certainly must be worth it, right?

The idea of a choose your own adventure, mixed with button mashing fun, as well as a stunning story-line (That I am stunned and horrified to find others skipping and blurring through) fascinates me. I can get people to hate me or love me, I can side with whomever I want, and Hey, I can wield a sword.

And why shouldn't I be enthralled by this? I don't give two rats for the level-up, Yeah sure it's cool I can do a spiffy new spell, but I don't want to go through the games with a cheat code that gets me infinite money and exp. Naw, I'm in it for the story. The story that countless programmers, scripters, voice actors, digital artists and creators spent countless hours working out in their heads. I am in awe by how MUCH goes into just the dialogue alone. For any question there are at the very least three responses, ALSO depending on what class you started as, who you like and dislike....

I could go on, but the point is this...

I can create whomever I want, in the likeness of how I (possibly) wish myself to be. How I dream myself as a hero. How I wish I could react and be reacted to. I can shed this frail, gutless thing and become the Champion of Kirkwall or the Warden of Ferelden. (Yes. I know. Sod off.) I can pretend for a few hours out of my measly, pointless little life that I am important to the wellbeing of another world.

And you know what? It makes me happy.

Yes. I admit my own nerdiness. And no, I am not ashamed.



  1. What game are you talking about? Or is it a particular game?

  2. ......Dragon Age. One and Two.