Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I like in a Kiss

My mood today has me blue. I've been sick, and therefore, unable to kiss my love for fear of spreading the plague to him. It is quite unfair. So instead of trying not to thinkabout it until I get better, I will torment myself with thoughts of his kisses. And I'm going to share them here. Becasue I can. So there.

What I like in a kiss....

I like certainty. The look in the eyes before the cards are even played that sayd "Yes, I am going to kiss you." The confidence behind eac hword leading to that point. The tilt of the head as if curious. The slow catlike grace in that step.

I like to feel the hand on my cheek before the kiss too, the fishing line that reels me in. That is very nice. Perhaps slipping back into my hair as well - soothing almost.

And then of course there has got to be passion. Don't give me any of those dry, flavorless kisses, those colorless pecks, those eyes-open duds that mean nothing. Give me a fire spark, a furnace, a tempest roaring in an instant. I need to know that I am loved just as much as I love. I need to have my own passion reflected back at me, otherwise it's just a sinkhole.


I wanna kiss my love now.



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