Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have decided to try some more projects on

But in other news.

I miss the days where things were left unexplained. You know why? Because people still felt that there was some divine, magical reasoning behind everything that happened. That there was a God behind the shining sun, directing it's rays. That there was a spirit as tempestuous as the storms above residing in the seas. That there was a rider and charriot racing across the sky every day.

but now we have everything spelled out for us, don't we? The electrons and neurons and protons and atoms and molecules and cells that circle around us endlessly have now been put into nice little categories, with labels and stickers to mark them. Like microscopic 'Hello, my name is:" stickers. Everything is now at a collective M.A. Meeting, standing up in turns going, "Hi, My name is the Loch Ness Monster, and .... I'm not real."

...Do we really need this proof? I'm sure that SOME people need to know the why and the where and the how of everything... so let them figure it out. I do not need to know everything, I am not filled with the urge to discover WHICH particles, atoms and solar conditions make up the event of a meteor shower. I am content in witnessing it and wondering.

I think that is the problem. There is no wonder left in the world. Thereis only knowing.

Well this Oru doesn't want to know.



  1. i think that one can wonder and still know. its similar to enjoying something you know is bad, like twilight. but seriously, everything we do know just gives way to other wonders. like, is there intelligent life out there, and what's smaller than a quark. we can still stare at the night sky in awe. i can anyway, but i see your point

  2. You know what, you're right. Despite my rather morose view on the subject, I totally understand what you are saying. I guess what was making me sad was that eventually, one day, we'll know those things too, hehe.