Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kindness of Strangers

As I sit here at the front desk (No, not actually sitting), nibbling on my Tiramisu, I smile. Yes, I actually, as a matter of fact, smile. And not just that plastic one that comes on and off when I see people I don't really like but feel obligated to be nice to. This is a true "Welcome to the freakin Hilton" smile.

I know. Brand loyalty. so sue me. But you don't even know the tiny thiings that happen here that just add up and add up and add up until you can't even HELP but smile. A job like this can do two things simultaneously.

1.) They can obliterate your hopes for humanity. Petty, bickering 'Platinum' Members who feel entitled to be treated like kings because they are constantly traveling and amassing 'points'. This is not a game. You are not in the lead. So stop acting like you're a lap ahead of us in this giant footrace of LIFE. I will be the first to admit I have seen my fair share of people who have their heads so far up their own TUCUS that I'm surprised they can still breathe. And it's those kinds of people that make me hang my head and ask the great celestial question: "WHY?"


2.) They can fulfill your hopes in the entire world. I can also personally attest to it. Silly, little comments, like "Hey, drive safe" or "Your suggestion was great" or "Here, have a free dessert" can do so much to improve one's outlook on life. Conversations at the front desk at 10:3opm. A smile, a nod, and a "I'll see you tomorrow." No matter how much crap your day has been - now it's ok.

It's all worth it.


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  1. ...I want free dessert. ESPECIALLY if it's Tiramisu!!! :)