Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Reptilian Baby

It's actually amazing how much comfort I can get out of holding a lizard in my hands and watching it's eyes blink open, closed, open, closed then remain closed. To think: This creature will grow at least twice it's current size in a few years. To think - this creature could scuttle right out of my hands and be hidden forever under the piles of boxes that I have yet to put away. (Or empty.) To think - I never once considered myself a Reptile person.

Sure. In my youth... and actually to this very day... my father will call me and my mother "lizards." Of course, I think that spawned from my brother and I watching the aforementioned movie "Willow" 10 times too many in our collective childhood. But I think that is ALSO why I never saw myself owning a reptile. Especially a Lizard. Just IMAGINE the amount of jokes that will NOW blossom from this one pet?

...Mmmmmaybe I don't want to think about the jokes. Topic change!

In any case - This adorable young lady is Niko Loki Nyx. Niko for short. Full name is you're trying to find her and she'd hidden under the bed. She was actually rescued from the very hotel I work at! THAT is a funny story. How about I tell you tomorrow morning in my next update?



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