Friday, May 14, 2010

"Yer Mother Was A Lizard!"

...Exclaimed the Brownie from the movie "Willow." [Starring Val Kilmer as the amazing Mad Mardigan, Warwick Davis as the 'peck', and the devine -or rather not- Jean Marsh as Queen Bavmorda.]

In any case - Meet Navvy. Our new Chinese Water Dragon. He is active, as well as interactive. why, just the other day he refused to leave my hand. I love him already. And my Love loves him, so we're all good! The only thing I don't love so much is digging through that little can of mealworms to find the ones that are still wiggling.

He likes eating the wiggly ones. Crickets for some reason I can manage. They're just crickets after all. And the crunching doesn't bother me that much either. Maybe it's just the worminess of the mealworms that wigs me out. *shiver*

It was a toss up for names as well. 'Navvy' is short for the name 'Navagrian' [pronounced Nahv-agg-Ree-ahn] which is the name of a very charismatic, if over enthusiastic Dragon in a story I tell with my friends' participation. [Yes there are dice involved.] He is, conveniently enough, green, like our friend here, and very personable with his moments of panic and anger. Like our friend here. [Few and very far between.] However, the other name we thought of was Kaku. [pronounced kay-coo] He is also a character from a certain interactive story line. He is scaly and semi-reptilian as well as green, which works for our friend here. But Kaku is closer to the size of our new family member, as well as that curious nature.

As you noticed, we decided to go with Navagrian. Because there's also that bit of pride that just rolls off this little guy's itsy bitsy shoulders. And hey - did I mention he'll get to be a bout 2 feet long?


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