Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Things here just seem to be getting more complicated. And by here, I mean everywhere. But for argument's sake, I will stick with the analogy of the hotel.

For example - Old hotels? They had sets of keys, and you were required to drop the keys back off in order to officially check out. Sometimes breakfast was served. There was housekeepers that made your bed and straightened your towels. Sometimes they may even fold the clothes or vaccum or replace soap and stuff. Front Desk people offered to help and were indeed very helpful beings! They were owned by families and friends, and were often refered to as Inns, or Bed and Breakfasts.

Now? Now we are not liable for items stolen out of your bag. We tell you that smoking is strictly prohibited in this room and that room but not the far room. Breakfast is not complimentary to those who do not have special membership. In fact, Breakfast isn't complimentary unless you special order the breakfast through the reservations, of course. However, if you wanted to become a Gold or Diamond member, you could spend potentially thousands of thousands of dollars travelling in order to amass the points to GET to Gold in order to have breakfast for free. As for the keys? They demagnitize if they are near a cellphone or credit card, and you don't have to bother returning them because they time-out or are doubled. Which means you don't have to come to the front desk OR call down, you can just leave. You know, in case you absolutely obliterated the room.

Not to mention that the GUEST is always right regardless if it makes sense or not, Diamond members get the better rooms first, regardless of allergies. If you book online it's cheaper then actually CALLING here for some reason, and front desk employees are 'discouraged' to take any breaks. At all. Ever. Or sit down. Ever. Or do anything but stand there, look pretty, and pretend to know what you're doing. And of course, the owner of this establishment you never see. You see the manager he elected and the co manager that HE elected. So when you complain do you really think they care? And I of course mean this ont he employee end as well!

My goodness.

I feel this turned into a bit much of a rant instead of an actual comparison, hmm?


  1. I hear you. Believe me I hear you. Don't forget that if you're a guest and you just don't really like the first room you're in you can ask to be moved and assuming we have the availability we'll move you to another room. But, housekeeping goes home at 2 so if you need it defeathered or cleaned with no scented sprays then you have to stay put. But then you tell us taht it won't really matter for just one night. Clearly your allergies aren't THAT bad. OR when you decide to extend your stay, and then call us at 2:30pm to say that you don't actually need that room and won't be staying another night after all and then get all pissy when I tell you that it's a half days rate because the latest check out we can offer you without charging is by 1pm. THEN you come down at 4:30 pm to finally check out and when we explain to you that between 1pm and 3pm is a late check out charge of half a days rate but since it is now WELL after 3pm and that it is now a FULL days rate you have a temper tantrum because you've "Worked in hotels" all your life and noone has a check out of 11am! EVERYONE has a 12pm check out and that it's just ridiculous that we charge for that when you KNOW you're not putting anyone out. OR how about when your heat/AC/toilet/balcony door/etc. doesn't work the entire time you're staying there and you wait until CHECK OUT to tell us about it. Ummm... you've been here for two days, we had maintenance on all day long and you never told us? But, now at check out you're telling us about it and want a free room? Ok... fine... here's our GM's card, he'll be in tomorrow, you can call him.

    I know where you're coming from! OH! The best is that the hotel I work/worked at is a Historical Hotel, so the rooms are NOT all exactly the same like in chain hotels, so everyone bitches about everythingggg!!! Some days I just want to throttle them all! hahaha

  2. HAHAHA YOU just hit the nail on the head. No joke. I feel you too. :)

  3. I know... it's crazy right? And how, when you meet other people or know other people in the hospitality business you "speak hotel" with them. hahaha