Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Another Day... work. Same jacket, same shoes, same pain in my right knee. Same scenery, same soundtrack and same great people. Different cars in the lot, different clouds in the sky and different mood most of the time. (You know, other then those specifically miserable moods.) Same slightly-against-regulation blog post, facebook surf, and e-mail check. Same shoulder twinge, same wrist ache, different day. Same compliments, same complaints, different people handing them out. home. Same clutter we haven't put away, same XBOX360 with controllers and games. Same kitten-blanket strewn on the floor, same empty box serving as a garbage can and same brand-new dish rack that made me really excited to show my love when he came home. Different temperature day to day, different ideas of things to do, shelves to hammer, books to spread. Different opinions of the neighbors, but same apprehension about volume levels of the TV. Same love for the place and love for whom I share it with, and same pride that we did it.

...on my blog. Same mildly-insightful words, arranged in a way to seem nearly poetic, and slightly narrative. Attempted wit and thehope of clever banter produced from such a post. The same half-hip-cocked stance at the front desk as I type, eyebrows knit together in contemplation. The same urge to just get it out of my head and onto the screen as oposed to needing to edit or fix my many typos. Different topic, different paragraph structure, and hopefully some new and different readers as time goes by. But the same readers? MORE then fine with me. In fact - that's perfect.

Thanks for reading, guys :)


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