Friday, May 7, 2010

On The Verge

... Of venting, mostly. Teetering on the thin edges of anger and calm. It's about all I can do not to throw open the door and spout fiery words of absolute hatred with alarming alacrity. I would tear the name tag off, throw it on the ground and spit on it before turning on heel and walking out with a stormcloud over my head.

You know, it isn't always this bad.

But there's a saying I would like to extend to the antagonist of my own personal story. It's pretty popular. It goes something like, "Leave your Baggage at the door." Or we could even step to the side and just say, "Don't mix your social life with your work life." Or hwoever that goes. (I would say business or pleasure - but I don't think our mental assailant knows what that IS, let alone has any in their miserable life. Which is unfortunate. They would be totally different people if they had, and I mean better people of course.

I wish I didn't need this money to survive - oh the things I would do!

Come on people, make me rich and famous (Or just well-known and comfortable for that matter) and OH the things I would do and then thusly recite to you! I could be epic in my anger, magnanimous in my generosity, and effortless in my supply of posts and reading material for those bored few who follow the Oru!

So whadda ya say? Should the Oru be famous?


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